6th Class Tutorials

Introduction to
A Little WISER
online Relationships & Sexuality Education information

Please watch the short introductory clip below from Lorraine O’Connell, the WISER Education Coordinator.

Disclaimer: These videos are part of the WISER tutorial anything else that comes up as a suggestion is not part of the WISER tutorial. Youtube will suggest related content based on viewing history. Enjoy the videos.

WISER is part of Sexual Health West and our organisation values the rights of young people to have factual, age-appropriate, non-judgemental sexual health information that enhances their capacity to make informed decisions about relationships and sexuality. We specialise in delivering unbiased, relevant, evidenced-based, positive sexual health education which is continuously updated in response to the findings of timely and rigorous research.

We have used a number of Amaze video clips; AMAZE.org is an initiative that provides comprehensive, ageappropriate and medically-accurate sexual health videos for adolescents ages 10-14, along with resources for educators and parents. There are also some Irish and UK resources included and some very informative links in the Parents section to provide more information about each topic. It is up to each parent/carer to decide for themselves what they deem appropriate for their young person, so please watch the tutorials so you are informed regarding the content. The viewer may also see advertisements, branded content and other content slipping through that is not endorsed by WISER, so again for parents to be aware of this.

We hope you enjoy the Relationships and Sexuality Tutorials, that they are informative, educational and most importantly that you have lots of fun watching them!

The best of luck and take care, from all the

WISER Education Team.