5-7 Year Olds

Children learn about sex from a very young age, even if we don’t talk with them about it. There are many mixed messages in the media about sex and sexuality which can lead to confusion and extra complications – children don’t know what is real and where to get support.  Children need time & space to develop their own understanding but instead they are being presented with images and ideas that they may not be emotionally able to deal with.

They’re At!

  Preschoolers are as intensely curious about other people’s bodies as they are about their own. Kids this age are also what Meg Hickling (Canadian sex educator) calls “magical thinkers.” “If they don’t get factual information, they may make up a story to explain things to themselves.” They may decide, for example, that if you want a baby, you go to the hospital, where a nurse hands them out to anyone who asks.

What They
Need to Know!

  While it’s important to answer all of your young child’s questions honestly (no stork stories, please), 5-7 year olds are not ready for a course in obstetrics. If you are asked, “Where do babies come from?” you may want to start with a simple answer: “A seed from the daddy and an egg from the mommy come together and grow in a special place in mommy’s tummy called a womb.” Some children will be perfectly satisfied with that, while others may ask to know more—like how the seeds get into mommy’s tummy in the first place. “Use your child as a gauge,” suggests Johnson. “You’ll know you haven’t given them enough information if they still has questions.”

5-7 Year olds
may ask