How are you doing?

Welcome to our WISER tutorial asking you – how are you doing?

Here’s a hello from Nicole, one of our educators

Disclaimer: These videos are part of the WISER tutorial anything else that comes up as a suggestion is not part of the WISER tutorial. Youtube will suggest related content based on viewing history. Enjoy the videos.

As mentioned in the Puberty session, the hormones that trigger changes in our bodies also can affect the way we feel, react and interact with people. As we get older, we realise that other people’s lives and families are different to ours, and thinking about that can change the way we feel, react and interact with people also. Plus, young people get a fair bit of school pressure and decisions to make that can be scary. So there are lots of challenges happening inside you, as well as changes outside you like changing schools, brothers and sisters growing up or being born, changes for our parent’s and caregivers – there are many things than can affect us a lot over these years.

With all this going on, it’s normal to feel strong feelings! Maybe you cry more or get angry more than you used to, or feel confused or scared about the future. You’ll find that lots of people your age feel this way sometimes too. Here’s a video about ‘teen angst’ – which is what people call all those strong angry/sad/frustrated feelings that are hard to understand.