How to ask for condoms in the shop

Unlike hormonal forms of contraception, there is no legal age limit to buying condoms in Ireland. However, shops do have the right to refuse to sell you anything, so if a very young person was to buy condoms, understandably this might set off some alarm bells.

Condoms are usually kept behind the till in small stores, but are up at the front, beside where you pay, in many pharmacies. There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed of buying condoms, if anything you should be very proud of yourself for looking after your sexual health. Well done you!

You can get free condoms in different sexual health organisations around Ireland. Different youth centres and Students Unions within universities also provide free condoms.

Sexual Health West distributes free condoms and lubricant from our office in Augustine St. We also offer a free condom and lubricant mail service.

The requester must be over the age of 17 and complete our condom and lubricant distribution form but clicking here.

Condoms can be pretty pricey. They usually work out at about €1 per condom, so approximately €3 for a box of 3 condoms, €6 for a box of 6, €12 for a box of 12… and so on. Some places may be more/less expensive. It is important that whatever type of contraception you choose to use, that you and your partner go halves. It’s only fair.