Let’s Talk About Periods


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Welcome to the Periods tutorial! Please note – this section is NOT just for girls! It is so important for every young person to learn about how bodies work, no matter what kind of bodies they have themselves. What happens during a period is amazing, and is part of the reason why we are all sitting here today! We all know someone who either has a period or will have a period. If we understand what this experience can be like, we can be kinder and more understanding towards each other.

Here is a hello and welcome from Grace, one of our WISER educators!

As Grace mentioned, starting your period can be an exciting and scary thing – but there is no need to be worried! Getting your period basically means that you are growing up and that your body is making changes so that someday you may be able to have children if you want to.

Periods are unique to each person – no two people will have the exact same experience of their period. Some people get their periods at a younger age, e.g. 10 years old, while some won’t get their first period until they are older, e.g. 15 years old!

Some periods are light – this means that not a lot of blood comes out, and some may be heavier. Some last for a few days, while some might last for a week or more. Once you get your period, you will find out over time what is normal for you!

Here are two excellent videos from Amaze.org that explain what periods are all about! Please watch them; it will take only about six minutes in total – and prepare to be amazed at how clever human bodies are!

Told you our bodies are amazing!

You are probably wondering what is the ‘best’ product to use during your period. Or, you might even be wondering what these products even are and how do they work! This video explains the three most popular products used by people all over the world during their period!

mpressive little inventions, right? Remember, it is completely your choice what products you decide to use – everyone has a different preference. Some might find pads to be more comfortable, while others may find tampons are their thing. It can take some practice to get the hang of using these products, so do not worry if you get it ‘wrong’ at first – it will come with time. You might also decide to switch to another product in future. Your period, your choice!

One important thing to note is that tampons should not be used for more than 8 hours, as they can cause infection if left inside the body for too long! Remember to change them regularly and make sure you have removed the old tampon before putting in a new one!

If you ever think a tampon is ‘lost’ inside the body – do not panic, it isn’t! There is nowhere it can go – it will still be in the vagina, it might just be up a little further or the string may have broken off or moved further into the vagina. Don’t worry – this does not happen often!

Here is a video explaining what to do if you are having trouble finding and removing your tampon. The main thing to remember is to relax – it will come out! – and tell an adult that you trust if you are worried.

Here is a link with written guidelines also: https://www.healthline.com/health/tampon-stuck#takeaway

Congrats! You have now come to the end of this tutorial on periods – here is a little goodbye message from Grace…

Thank you for reading and watching! And a special thank you to www.amaze.org for their fabulous videos!