Let’s Talk About Puberty


Disclaimer: These videos are part of the WISER tutorial anything else that comes up as a suggestion is not part of the WISER tutorial. Youtube will suggest related content based on viewing history. Enjoy the videos.

Puberty can be such an exciting, interesting and difficult time for young people. So many things are happening and changing. Puberty does NOT happen at the same time for everyone. The stages of puberty can happen in a different order and time for each person. But all is normal!

We have laid out some short videos from different organisations for some simple facts and guides around puberty. Some videos are targeted for different genders but we recommend watching all of them. Understanding what our peers are going through makes things a little easier to know we are all in it together.

There are a lot of stages for boys during puberty. Ranging from facial hair growth to testes dropping. Puberty usually happens between the ages of 10-14. Sometimes it can happen a bit earlier for some people and later for others. All people go through puberty and everything that happens is completely normal!! This video gives a guide for young men during puberty and what they can expect.

As with the stages in boys there are multiple stages girls go through. From breast development to menstruation to growth of body hair. Puberty can happen for girls between the ages of 10-14 but some people can begin puberty at the age of 9. This is all completely normal. One of the biggest stages of puberty is menstruation. This is a big event for young women and the topic that receives the most questions when we deliver our WISER programme. Head over to our Period playlist for more information.

Along with all the physical changes that occur during puberty there are huge emotional changes for young people. “Why do I feel like this?” is such a common concern. Feeling angry, down or sad for no reason are all completely normal. Mood swings can be upsetting but you are not alone. It is really important to talk to a trusted adult, sibling, caregiver or teacher if you are feeling down.

Hormones and puberty go hand in hand but what exactly are hormones? Hormones are chemical messengers that are secreted in glands and target specific organs. The male hormone is called testosterone and the female hormones are called oestrogen and progesterone. Hormonal changes are a big part of puberty and it is important to understand what is happening.

During puberty it is completely natural and normal for young people to start becoming curious about their bodies. Masturbation means the touching of the genitals for pleasure and this is completely normal and a natural stage of puberty. Some people like to masturbate and some people do not like to masturbate. Both are completely normal.

With so many physical changes it is so important to take care of your lovely body during puberty. Eating well, getting exercise and drinking lots of water can help the body stay healthy during all the big changes of puberty.

Thanks so much for watching our tutorial on puberty. It was a long one but there is so much that happens during this exciting time we had to include it all. Puberty can be tricky but it is also a very exciting time in your life as it means you are reaching the next stage of human development so well done you!!

Stay safe