Let’s Talk About Relationships

Welcome to our WISER tutorial on relationships. Here’s a hello from Nicole, one of our educators

Disclaimer: These videos are part of the WISER tutorial anything else that comes up as a suggestion is not part of the WISER tutorial. Youtube will suggest related content based on viewing history. Enjoy the videos.

Relationships are how two people interact with each other and treat each other. You have a relationship with your parents, your teacher, your friends, your brother or sister, anyone you interact with. All relationships have things in common. Here is a short video talking about what good relationships have in common, that starts with a girl talking to her goldfish. This video tells us that as we get older, our relationships with our friends and other people our age get more and more important to us. But the truth is, sometimes friendships can be hard!

What makes a good friendship? A bowl of soup? This video tells us that friendships aren’t perfect all the time! By being honest sometimes we have disagreements, but by respecting each other we can get through them. In a moment we will watch a video that tells us exactly what respect means. But first, what are the ingredients of friendship?

This video is Grace talking about when her best friend Bethany turned out to be someone who wasn’t a good friend. How do you think she did dealing with it? Who helped her be brave enough?

Sometimes we have a romantic interest in a person. How do we know? Let’s ask Amaze again:

Maybe, that interest is in someone the same gender as you. What happens now? Watch Jordan chat with his trusted cousin about this, and think about who you could chat to if this is the way you think you feel:

In our tutorial on consent we talk about being ready for sex, because at some time you might have questions about that too.

Sometimes friendships and relationships aren’t great, they have what people call “red flags” – that’s things that make you feel deep in your gut that things aren’t quite right, like the way Grace felt about Bethany. Can you spot the red flags being waved in this video?

If you’re in a relationship and you realise there are some red flags there – whether it’s with a friend or a romantic interest, what can you do? This video is about bullying but all the advice it gives can be used for any relationships with red flags! In Ireland we can’t use the phone line in this video, but we have Childline. Their website is www.childline.ie and phone number is 1800 666 666 – you can call them any time of the day or night or text or message them too.