Let’s Talk About Safety Online

Safety online Introduction video by Lorraine

Being safe online, Sexting & Pornography

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Being safe online

As you transition from Primary to Secondary school you could end up spending more time online whether it’s for homework (yeah right!) or keeping in touch with friends, being creative, or playing Minecraft. There are so many wonderful, exciting things you can do and as they say you have ‘The world at your fingertips! With this extra freedom as you get older, you also need to realise you have extra responsibility for yourself and others. People say things online that they would never say to someone’s face and therefore have no idea of the impact of those words. How many stories have you heard of people being bullied and how devastating this can be?

Be very careful regarding your own personal safety and giving any information about yourself. You also need to very aware of the risks of meeting anyone off-line and that you would never do this without a trusted adult being with you or knowing where you are.

It’s really important if you are ever worried about anything you see/hear that you can talk to someone and get support if needed.

Based on real life experiencesConnected is an Irish short film exploring how young people communicate and connect online (2.00)