Lorraine O’Connell

Lorraine has worked for Sexual Health West since 2008, as their Sexual Health Education Coordinator. She designs, delivers and evaluates sexual health programmes promoting positive sexual health and HIV awareness to all communities in the west of Ireland. The WISER (West of Ireland Sexuality Health Education Resource) is currently delivered in over 40 schools in the West of Ireland by Lorraine and her colleagues. ‘A Little WISER’ is being rolled out in a number of primary schools and has received very positive feedback from students, parents and schools.


Denise McAlister

Denise is the newest member of Sexual Health West and is delighted to be part of the WISER team facilitating the WISER programmes as a Relationships and Sexuality Educator. Originally from Belfast, Denise is a qualified teacher with experience in a range of sectors including the disability services and has recently completed her Graduate Certificate in Sexuality and Sexual Health at DCU. Denise is particularly passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding STI’s, working to dispel the many myths and misconceptions surrounding sex and supporting young people to become confident and shame free when it comes to sex and sexuality.

John Halloran

John draws on his education and facilitation background to deliver RSE to young people in the west of Ireland as part of the WISER team. Working in Education, research and therapeutic interventions, he has alway been drawn to helping people understand themselves and the world around them with clear, concise, accessible information delivered using scientific backed factual information.
The stigmatized nature of Sexual Health means it has been taboo, filled with mythical and often straight-up misinformation. John enjoys challenging these attitudes with compassion and understanding, opening up conversations that can at times be difficult for people. Working with Sexual Health West means getting to target these themes, while also being part of a cracking team of intelligent, creative and holistic people, who all have the core belief of helping empower people to make their own educated decisions.

Saoirse Browne Bewiser Sexual Health West

Saoirse Browne

Saoirse joined Sexual Health West in 2024 as a WISER sexual health educator. She graduated from UCC with a degree in Social Sciences and completed her dissertation on the benefits of decriminalising sex work, Saoirse has always been drawn to working within the sexual health sector. She moved to Liverpool in 2022 where she dipped her toe into teaching in secondary schools and schools for children with additional needs. As a passionate advocate for accessible sexual health education, Saoirse believes that by equipping the youth of today with open and accurate knowledge, we can promote a society that values consent, respect, and diversity.

Ciara Mulgrew

Ciara joined the Sexual Health West team in 2024 as a Sexual Health Educator. 

Originally qualified as a Mental Health Nurse in 2016, and since then has worked in a Child and Adolescent Acute Mental Health Unit and a Rehabilitation Unit for Adults. 

Ciara believes that health is holistic and has always loved working with people to empower them to feel confident to advocate for their health and wellbeing. In 2022, Ciara completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Mental Health Promotion, and in 2023 graduated from the University of Galway with a Masters in Health Promotion. Ciara is excited to work in and foster open and supportive environments that reduce misinformation and stigma while promoting positive sexual health.

Ciara Mulgrew Bewiser