Lorraine O’Connell

Lorraine has worked for Sexual Health West since 2008, as their Sexual Health Education Coordinator. She designs, delivers and evaluates sexual health programmes promoting positive sexual health and HIV awareness to all communities in the west of Ireland. The WISER (West of Ireland Sexuality Health Education Resource) is currently delivered in over 40 schools in the West of Ireland by Lorraine and her colleagues. ‘A Little WISER’ is being rolled out in a number of primary schools and has received very positive feedback from students, parents and schools.

Grace O’Shea

Grace has been a WISER Relationships and Sexuality Educator for over 4 years, and is passionate about delivering RSE in Ireland which is comprehensive, factual, progressive, inclusive, empowering, age-appropriate and sex-positive.  Grace mainly works with young people between the ages of 10 and 18 years in in primary, secondary and alternative education settings. She is also trained to provide rapid HIV testing, and is responsible for the continuous review and development of the WISER programmes and website.

Meagan O'Neill

Meagan has been a part of the Sexual Health West Team since October 2018. As part of her Masters in Health Promotion from the National University of Ireland Galway she began as an intern with Sexual Health West. Upon completing her MA (Hons) in Health promotion in 2019, she took the role of a WISER Relationships and Sexuality educator. As part of the WISER team Meagan is dedicated to bringing factual, research based, non-judgemental RSE to the West of Ireland.

Nicole McGuigan

Nicole started with Sexual Health West in early 2020 as our Support Services Coordinator. In her role she provides one-to-one support to HIV positive community members and organises group and peer support. HIV support is a focus of Sexual Health West, historically known as AIDS West before their recent name change.

Nicole is also part of the WISER team facilitating the WISER and Little WISER programmes as a Relationships and Sexuality Educator.